Gemstone has unlimited nation-wide capabilities and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with an office in Miami, Florida. Gemstone also has over 1,000 Associate Staff nation-wide and in the Caribbean.

Urban Marketing & Consulting

Strategic marketing implemented with the understanding that the localized culture of all cities is very different and intrinsically definitive to a specific group or area generally separated by demographics. “Over 20 years of target market trend research, surveys and interaction.”

  • Strategic Marketing Tactics
  • Understanding Localization
  • Target Demographic Marketing
  • Nationwide Contacts for Information
  • Focus Group Research Planning

Securing Entertainers

Musicians, Old School Hip-Hop, R&B Groups, Athletes, Models and Spoken Word Artists. Reliable one-stop shop, turnkey Entertainment booking. “Let us know next steps.”

  • National Talent
  • Local Talent
  • Contract Management
  • Travel Management
  • Negotiate Fees

Event Management

Supervisory roles with the largest (touring) events of any kind (Pantene Tour, PGA Nike Tour, Essence Festival, Bayou Classic, Ebony Family Reunion Tour) provides a wealth of experience for you to build upon. “You tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we can tell you what we need, how we are going to manage and when we can have it complete.”

  • Budget Management
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Security Staff

Event Staffing

Outsource, support and enhance your events with management services, specialized service staffing, or security provided by the G.E.M.S, (General Event Managers). Efficiency, professionalism and tireless work ethic will increase the productivity of your event. "Hospitality, friendliness and smiles keep crowds comfortable, content and consistent.”

  • Managerial Staff
  • Security
  • Videographers/Photographers
  • Volunteers
  • Researchers

Contract Negotiation & Proposal Development

Versatile communication skills, knowledge of options and attention to details are the foundation for successful negotiations, proposal formatting, contract generation and barters. “What budget line would you like for your savings to come from first?”

  • Layout Management
  • Editing
  • Research
  • Timeline Management
  • Consulting

Media Buying & Planning

National and local media buy efforts are based on relationships, funds and negotiations. Whether it is TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines or Web Promotions, the buys make a big difference in event turnout. “Most successful marketing campaigns will utilize the added value of any media to their promotional and advertising advantage at the right time.”

  • Account Rep Management
  • Negotiate Rates
  • Script Creation
  • Audio Production
  • Log Time Management

Business & Community Outreach

Industry associations, brand familiarity and social groups are vital for a growing urban venture. Get your name out in the community as a viable business entity or partner, or align yourself with a 501©3 in conjunction with fundraising events. “Outreach is the basis for support of one group from another, and mandatory for any grassroots level event success.”

  • Partnership Establishment
  • Networking
  • Street-Level Marketing
  • Outreach Planning
  • Consulting

Public Relations/Publicity Management

Soljazz Festival, Lincoln/Mercury Red Carpet, Alize Live! Wendy Williams Experience, Outre World Hair Battle and the 9th Annual Natural Trend Setters Hair Events have all been prominently featured on FOX, CBS, NBC and the CW Television Networks nationally. “Give us your objectives, target and coverage requests and we will see it through.”

  • Interview Management
  • Press Release Creation
  • Media/Promotion Kit Distribution
  • Press Conference Management
  • On-Site Media Management
  • Recap Management